A Bit About Hula Partners & SAP/SuccessFactors

HOUSTON - JUNE 2, 2015



Posted by Luke Marson, Chief Cloud HCM Architect

It’s been over 6 months since I joined Hula Partners and it’s been a great experience so far. In my time I’ve had a few people want to know who Hula are, which as a young company is understandable. In my role as Chief Cloud HCM Architect, I lead the SuccessFactors business here at Hula and ensure that we operate a world class organization that continues to service large enterprises around the world. It has been my great pleasure to work with top professionals from the industry in providing leading solutions to help customers with their HR process and technology needs.

Hula Partners is a SAP and SuccessFactors consultancy and software vendor working with large global enterprises to solve their HR process and technology challenges. Typically our customers are global or multi-national enterprises with upwards of 25,000 employees, have complex process needs and technology landscapes, and require diligent industry and technology expertise from top industry professionals with reference-able achievements. We have a proven track record at multiple customers of successfully delivering SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors solutions and integrating them. In addition, we also have strong experience in building global templates, process automation, assessments and roadmaps, and payroll.

In addition to an experienced and well-respected leadership team with an average of 19+ years in the HCM and SAP industry – Hula has built up a fine pedigree in SAP and SuccessFactors which has continued an upward momentum since I joined. Hula has a real wealth of expertise in solving big problems at big customers and our reputation has grown significantly — even being recognized by the likes of Mike Ettling.


Talking the Hula story to SAP, partners, prospects, and customers has been very easy when our credentials boast:

  • Team of talented consultants that have delivered in excess of 100 SuccessFactors implementations
  • Certified Professionals in Employee Central, Recruiting Execution, Performance & Goals, Succession & Development, and more
  • Delivered the first SAP & SuccessFactors Talent Hybrid integration and worked with SAP to productize designs for future packaged integrations
  • Delivered multiple SAP-SuccessFactors Talent Hybrid integrations — more than any other partner
  • Already implemented SuccessFactors Onboarding multiple times, more than most other partners
  • 100% reference-able customers and 100% client retention
  • Authors or contributors to

On top of all that, Hula have released an industry-leading, cloud-based competency management solution called KAHUNA. The solution was built with a select group of our customers that have demanding competency needs beyond the solutions that current HCM solutions provide.  The requirements are complex and mandatory for companies operating in regulated industries such as manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas, transportation and more. It has deep assessment and rating capabilities, along with flags and actionable analytics to ensure optimal compliance. I’m pretty excited about this as there is a real value to competency management and the ability to complement SAP and SuccessFactors with KAHUNA is going to drive a lot of value within the types of organizations that I mentioned.

We’re always looking to help customers with their HR and talent management needs using SuccessFactors, SAP ERP, or KAHUNA. I’d love to connect you with our existing customers so that you can hear their stories of the success that they have had with these solutions thanks to working with the experts at Hula Partners, so don’t hesitate to reach out to contact me at

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