Advanced Customization Comes to Career Site Builder

By John Bestgen, Recruiting Practice Lead at Hula Partners

The centerpiece of any effective online talent acquisition strategy is a company’s career site. This is the organization’s opportunity to position itself as a sought-after employer, worthy of top talent. It’s also the place where the company can try to engage both the active and passive job seekers so it can continue to communicate with them beyond just that one site visit.

For years, SAP SuccessFactors has offered an outstanding career site solution as part of its HCM Cloud Suite, a module called Recruiting Marketing. Many medium and large-sized companies use Recruiting Marketing to create powerful, effective career sites with advanced targeting, referral, and lead nurturing capabilities. 

Typically these sites are fully integrated with Recruiting Management, SuccessFactors’ applicant tracking system. This approach not only facilitates employer branding and meaningful candidate engagement, it also feeds a powerful analytics engine and passive seeker marketing tool, which allows for refinement of long term recruiting strategy.

One of the few drawbacks of Recruiting Marketing, however, was that companies couldn’t make certain changes themselves. For even small changes, they had to submit their request to SuccessFactors and wait.

To remove this bottleneck, SuccessFactors began offering Career Site Builder. This tool enables companies to build simple, consumer-style career web pages themselves. (Here’s an example from SAP itself.) A career site can be set up and maintained with minimal engagement with SAP Support and HR and recruiting professionals can make changes on the fly. Instead of having to outsource any additional development work, a company’s developers could now just access tools directly and do it themselves. 

As with most things in life, however, there was a tradeoff. Because Career Site Builder uses a set of predefined components, companies were often limited in the design and layout options for their career sites. Many if not most companies were not able to do what they really wanted to do: take advantage of Recruiting Marketing’s powerful features while visually replicating their current career sites. 

Enter Hula Partners. In order to meet the needs of our own clients, we developed a powerful library of highly integrated plug-ins for Career Site Builder. These plug-ins allow companies to fully replicate their existing career sites quickly and easily. The plug-ins simply expand the library of standard options that already exist in the Career Site Builder tool, empowering companies to add custom branding and look-and-feel components to their Career Site Builder pages without having to tap SuccessFactors support.

Now, we’re making these plug-ins widely available. This way, companies can realize all of the powerful features of Career Site Builder without sacrificing any design or branding standards. For developers, we’ve organized these plug-ins into small widget-like pieces of code that are themselves very easy to work with and maintain. This ensures customization remains in the hands of companies at large, rather than just shifting the dependency from SuccessFactors to Hula.

If you’d like to learn more about Hula Partners’ Career Site Builder Plug-Ins, send us an email at Read the news release here.