Case Studies

Aligning HR with Business Strategy: Business Drivers for Competency Management

OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company, recognized a need to increase visibility into the competency levels of their workforce with an eye towards employee development. Rapid growth and workforce demographics underscored the importance for institutional knowledge sharing. While they had an excellent suite of training assets, the training delivery lacked a tie to competency development and was not efficient in terms of targeting a specific audience.

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Competency Management: An Imperative for Operational Excellence

Programs like Six Sigma, Lean, Agile and Kaizen to improve efficiency are often confused with operational excellence (OE), but there is an important difference. These improvement programs help achieve “process excellence” by eliminating inefficiencies in a process but they do not generally encompass areas like culture, leadership and workforce competency. Process excellence is a worthy and worthwhile organization goal that can deliver numerous improvements to business processes and systems. However, true OE goes beyond isolated improvements to the factors that influence the entire organization and help create a culture of sustainable performance

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Reputation Leaders, Competency Management Survey, 2015

Large Companies that Perform Competency Management Reduce Safety and Compliance Incidents by More than 50 Percent, According to New Survey
Reputation Leaders, an independent research firm, conducted the survey of 100 US executives and HR professionals, working for firms employing more than 2,500 people. The study was executed online between Tuesday, January 27th and Tuesday, February 3rd and the companies surveyed collectively employ an estimated 3.5 million people.
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Mana: SAP Process Automation That Finally Delivers on the Promise of Self-Service.

Designed with the end-user in mind, Mana delivers an experience of ease and user-friendly technology. Mana is created on an HTML5 platform with responsive technology, smart dropdown menus, and the ability to access the portal on any device at any time.
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SAP / SuccessFactors Integration: A Lesson In Hybrid Implementations.

While many existing SAP on-premise customers want to add the robust talent management applications offered by SuccessFactors into their HRIS landscape, they are not sure of the challenges this hybrid on-premise and cloud integration may present. See how we achieved a successful integration in this case study.
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Building an HCM Strategic Roadmap.

Hula Partners a perfect choice for a trusted partner in developing your HCM IT Architecture vision. Our methodology is designed to deliver an actionable IT roadmap and governance structure. Download this case study to learn more.
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Providing a comprehensive Skills and Competency Management Architecture utilizing the best of SAP and SuccessFactors.

Our complete solution for managing your workforce skills inventory will fulfill regulatory requirements and serve as a foundation for workforce planning.
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Architecting an IT Split for a Divestiture.

Large divestitures bring a unique set of challenges when it comes to HRIS. Hula Partners has been at the forefront of architecting major global divestitures from an HRIS perspective. Download this case study to learn about how Hula Partners architected and managed a major multi-phased divestiture spanning 72 countries.
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Kahuna: Competency Management
Not just another HR application

It’s the only solution out there designed to be used by the people in charge of day-to-day operations within heavily regulated industries — built entirely with compliance and workforce development in mind. This means the people who actually assign and assess competencies can now track and manage performance and skill sets in the way that most promotes compliance and aligns with how they do their jobs. Simply put, Kahuna ensures the right worker is placed in the right job at the right time for safe, smooth and successful operations.
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