HR Process Automation

Successful process automation starts with usability. So, at Hula, we’ve developed automated workflow-driven processes that don’t require managers and HR Professionals to be computer system experts to complete their work. It starts with a unifying portal that gives one-stop access to all things HR. From this portal, employees, managers, and HR Professionals can connect using scenario driven applications that skip the tech talk and use plain English. What’s more, they can handle processing multiple “actions” in one process.


Here’s what makes our solutions unique:

  • Scenario-driven solutions for:
  • Position Request through Requisition Creation
  • Employee Administration (Status, Pay, and Assignment Changes)
  • Separation / Off-boarding through Backfill
  • Approval Authority and Delegation of Authority
  • SAP to SuccessFactors Portal Integration
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Deep-linking to SFSF modules
  • SAPUI5 / HTML 5
  • SAP Web Dynpro
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Asynchronous Applications for “Remote and Disconnected” sites
  • Approval Applications
  • SuccessFactors BizX Mobile