Hula Partners and Budeng & Tobin KTU AS Join Forces to Deliver Competency Management Solutions


August 16, 2017 – Hula Partners LLC and Budeng & Tobin KTU AS announced today that they have formed an alliance to deliver complete competency solutions. The partnership combines Hula Partners’ Kahuna Competency Management application and the expertise of Budeng & Tobin KTU AS in competence management, mapping, assessment, evaluation and training.

The two are focused on providing a complete competency management package and technology for all industries to support all competency assurance, risk management, and training and development efforts.

“A successful competency solution requires not only fully optimized technology, but in depth content and processes,” says Jai Shah, Managing Partner Product Development and Innovation at Hula Partners.  “Budeng & Tobin is a leader in competency mapping and training delivery, which makes this a very exciting partnership for us. We look forward to collaborating with Budeng & Tobin to delivering full competency management solutions to our clients.”

Lise Budeng, CEO of Budeng & Tobin KTU AS added, “Much of the industry’s core competence is disappearing due to cutbacks and aging workforce and the increased demand for competent workforce is getting more evident every day. With Kahuna, I can see great advantages for companies when integrating HR, Training, Development and Competence Management in one very adaptable system compatible with implementation services like SAP. Not to mention the cost savings. I am looking forward to the collaboration in delivering a “complete” competence assurance management program together with Hula Partners.”


Hula is the creator of the Kahuna application; the only solution on the market designed to assess competency, track and manage performance and skill sets by the people that run day-to-day operations. Hula Partners is also a provider of HR strategic consultation and SAP HCM & SuccessFactors implementation services. With customers worldwide, Hula prides itself on a rich history of creating custom solutions. Each of its consultants draw on 10 plus years of experience in providing global transformation services to oil and gas, aerospace and defense, the National Football League, audio electronics, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Budeng & Tobin KTU AS is the first Scandinavia company approved by SQA for international certification and accreditation of Competence and Vocational Qualification. Although their business is mainly focused on managing, mapping, assessing and evaluation of competence assurance at all levels and disciplines in all industries worldwide, their training division is adding to the delivery of a complete competency solution.


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