The world’s only competency-centric platform.

Kahuna evolved out of our understanding that competency management and workforce development are full blown business process. It aligns directly with the way your team really works and is designed to be used by the people in charge of day-to-day operations. This means the people who actually assign and assess competencies can now track and manage performance and skill sets in the way that most promotes compliance and aligns with how they do their jobs.

Assess competencies. Anywhere, anytime, any device.

With the release of the Kahuna Mobile Application, you can now stay connected to your office environment all while working the way you need to. This application makes it possible for supervisors and assessors to perform continuous competency assessments while being on location in remote work sites with little to no Internet connection. The addition of Kahuna Mobile brings many new benefits to the already flexible and user-friendly solution.




No extra cost. Kahuna mobile is included in your Kahuna subscription.



Keep remote workers connected to the home office.



Use from anywhere, anytime, from any device



Faster time to revenue made possible by continuous learning and training



Continuous assessments, in any environment



Some features that will set Kahuna apart from the competition include:

  • Interactive compliance dashboard
  • Single & Multi-point proficiency scales
  • Ability to store assessment evidence
  • Flexible assignment profiles
  • Integration with all learning management systems
  • Audit workbench


Interview with OneSubsea

Recently, Hula Partners and OneSubsea gave a joint presentation at WorkforceNEXT on how implementing a competency management solution has helped their organization achieve operational excellence. Hula Partners have been working with OneSubsea, a Cameron and Schlumberger Company, to enhance their competency management program with 5,000 engineering, globally.
See full testimonial from the event here.


“I have been thinking about Human performance management relative to competencies for 10 years and looking for an application to support this area for the last 3 years. Before talking to Hula there was no one who even spoke my language let alone had a solution that would fit my needs. Not only does Hula understand competency management relative to demonstrated human performance measurement they have designed an application that completely supports this process.” — Scott Blomgren, Manager – Training Services


“The rollout of a competency management framework is absolutely critical to the sustained growth of our company. After a successful implementation, it’s clear Hula Partners has the right solution and will add significant value to our employee development programs.” – Tobias Glueck, VP Human Resources Surface Systems