Process Automation That Finally Delivers on the Promise of Self-Service

Troy Catlett

Posted by Troy Catlett, Senior Consultant at Hula Partners

The promise of HR Self Service? I know all about it. During my career, I worked in IT and HR departments for several large international companies. While these organizations were well aware of the process efficiencies and cost savings gained through automated HR business processes, the benefits were often difficult to realize. And when our goal was usability and adoption of HR self-services despite highly complex and confusing business requirements, the solution was often difficult to implement.   At Hula Partners, we believe that Mana offers SAP On-Premise HCM customers with a unique alternative for automating HR business processes.  Let’s explore how Mana delivers process efficiency and a user friendly experience for Managers and HR Professionals.

Mana requires no additional IT footprint for existing SAP On-Premise HCM customers. It leverages modern web technology to ensure a modern user interface experience and allow access from any device at any time. In addition, Mana uses native SAP Integration technology through Netweaver Gateway OData Services to integrate with the standard framework for HCM Processes and Forms, including SAP Workflow.

End users are introduced to Mana with an intuitive Launchpad. With a modern look and feel, the Launchpad provides organizational structure visualization for Managers and HR professionals based on configurable relationships. And with the click of a button, users can initiate forms to trigger multi-step processes for their employees and organizational entities.

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Each form is designed to be interactive and intuitive. The form interface guides users with actions that are clear and concise and terminology that is easy to understand. Users do not need to know technical terms, dependencies between SAP fields, or detailed business rules to use the forms effectively.

Combining years of subject matter experience with best business practice, the standard content in Mana provides comprehensive solutions for common HR business process scenarios such as:

  • Leave of Absence/Return from Leave of Absence
  • Employee Changes (Transfer, Promotion, Pay Change, etc.)
  • Employee Separation
  • Create/Maintain Organizational Unit
  • Create/Maintain Job
  • Create/Maintain Position

While core processes are similar across many companies, each organization faces unique challenges to meet individual business requirements. With these complexities in mind, Mana provides a flexible framework to control functionality within each form and the corresponding integration with the backend SAP system. The forms account for all the required SAP logic and Mana provides configuration and enhancement capabilities to account specific business rules. Validations are performed in real time to ensure data accuracy and process efficiency.

Combining multiple complex processes into a single, integrated process is the key to successful process automation. Once a form is initiated and submitted for review, Mana offers a configurable workflow model to manage the end to end process of each business scenario including approvals, notifications, auto-update in SAP, and actions in other systems. Approvers are determined dynamically at each stage of a process scenario. Notifications and review steps ensure consistency and accountability. A user can follow the progress of a request through each step in the process as Mana tracks the necessary approvals.  Upon final approval of a request, Mana performs the required auto-updates in SAP including integration between Organization Management and Personnel Administration modules.

End to end processes are not limited to SAP and often require “input from” or “output to” third party systems. Mana is a powerful tool for automating these integration scenarios. For example, a new position request in Mana may include requisition and job posting details. In addition to a vacant position in SAP, an approved request triggers the creation of an actual requisition and posting in a third party recruiting system. Any subsequent maintenance requests to update the recruiting details for the vacant position are ultimately reflected in the recruiting system.

The benefits of HR process automation are clear. For SAP On-Premise HCM customers, we believe Mana unlocks HR self service capabilities by driving process efficiencies and providing users with a modern user interface. While this post provides a glimpse into the product, there is much more to share.

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Process Automation That Finally Delivers on the Promise of Self-Service

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