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Software Solutions



The world’s only competency-centric platform.

Kahuna evolved out of our understanding that competency management and workforce development are full blown business processes. It aligns directly with the way your team really works and is designed to be used by the people in charge of day-to-day operations. This means that people who actually assign and assess competencies can now track and manage performance and skill sets in the way that most promotes compliance and aligns with how they do their jobs.


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HR Process Automation

Successful process automation starts with usability. So, at Hula, we’ve developed automated workflow-driven processes that don’t require managers and HR Professionals to be computer system experts to complete their work. It starts with a unifying portal that gives one-stop access to all things HR. From this portal, employees, managers, and HR Professionals can connect using scenario driven applications that skip the tech talk and use plain English. What’s more, they can handle processing multiple “actions” in one process.


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