SuccessFactors Recruiting Legacy Data Migration – A Practical Approach


Posted by Praveen Narayanasetty, SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Consultant for Hula Partners


Note: This is a summary of a blog previously posted on SAP Community Network. You can read the full post here


Data conversion process is a vital part of any implementation project, whether it is On-Premise or Cloud. Cloud transformation has resulted in reduced implementation time thus increasing productivity in any SuccessFactors implementation life cycle. Although it sounds simple and uncomplicated, most new cloud initiatives will have data conversion issues that need to be remedied.Without a proper approach and thorough data analysis, data conversions can become an ordeal.

This write up is aimed in explaining the practical steps that can be followed in migrating Recruiting data from legacy/3rdparty system to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting BizX system. It is highly recommended to read implementation guide, practice and test with few records before finally uploading bulk data. This can be an arduous process but at the same time a great learning experience.  I have documented our experiences in the cloud journey and created them in to best practices and definitions which can also be shared as a blog.

The following steps will help you in eliminating or at least minimizing conversion iterations when followed correctly.  It is often good practice to learn from best practices from other sources.

This article is intended for the SAP SF RCM Consultants who are familiar of the data models and system configurations. Therefore I have stressed much in practical steps rather than outlining from basics.


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