Why Implementing Global Forms is Important for Your Global Organization

Posted by Cesar Hinojosa, Senior Consultant at Hula Partners

Many organizations have operations in different parts of the world. This can be extremely helpful in the growth of your business but difficult for your HR team. It may present challenges across the different countries and languages, as well as system inconsistencies across the different platforms. If you are looking for a way to streamline your processes across your organization, implementing a process automation platform with global forms may be your answer.


When there is no streamlined process or consistency across the multiple locations, challenges may arise. In my experience, those can, and probably do, consist of the following:

1. Inconsistent look, feel, and navigation across the system

2. Forms are not intuitive and do not facilitate data integrity to fullest extent

3. Multiple forms per country

4. Errors resulting in manual requests are common and require more time to handle


These are common challenges that many global organizations face. But, there is a simple solution.


Implementing a process automation platform with the ability to implement global forms will:

1. Create a modern web experience for your users

2. Provide you with an intuitive Launchpad to manage all form functions

3. Simplify the Position Management and Employee Administration Integration

4. Allow for interactive forms, giving the user more information and flexibility in the system

5. Give you one form that is configurable for multiple countries

6. Allow for process transparency and auditability


Tools, such as Hula Partners’ Mana Process Automation platform, can help you achieve a seamless experience with global forms across your organization. Mana is a self-service solution that allows employees, managers, and HR professionals to complete HR processes in one single portal stop. It interacts with your SAP HCM On-Premise system. The HR processes include:

·      Position Management

·      Organizational Units

·      Jobs

·      Employee Administration

·      Separation

·      New Hires


Mana uses modern web application technology to enhance user experience, which allows scalability of the tool to various mobile platforms. The Launchpad, a key feature, is easy to navigate so managers and HR business partners can visualize of the organizational structure with useful information that is otherwise difficult to consume. Users can quickly determine possible actions and initiate the appropriate request.

Mana’s configuration tool supports multi country configuration making it easy to customize country specific requirements per form, view type (Manager, HRBP), form status, process state, and employee/position type. The fields on each panel can be shown as “input/output”, “read only” or “hidden.” This tool also supports language translation. Each text label in the panels can be translated to the user’s SAP logon language. The configuration entries can then be transported to the different SAP instances using the standard SAP transport transactions.

In summary, you can see how a process automation solution can simplify global HR processes, extend the life of your existing on-premise SAP environment, and provide a more modern user experience for HR and business users.  To learn more about Mana or how you can implement global forms for your organization, you can contact me at