The Importance of Certified Consultants For Your SuccessFactors Employee Central Implementation


Posted by Janaína Wagner, SAP SuccessFactors Consultant at Hula Partners


The decision to move to SuccessFactors Employee Central can be based on many different factors such as motivation to employ newer and more capable technology, business process re-alignment and optimization and motivation to achieve greater cost efficiencies. Accompanying these motivators must be a clear business case and implementation plan.

The decision will most likely involve a number of team members and careful consideration. Due to the high level of effort involved, it is important that you set your implementation up for success so that you do not waste time or money. One way to ensure this is to have Employee Central certified consultants on your project planning and implementation teams. But, why is this so important to the success of your implementation?

The Employee Central consultant certification requires a theoretical and practical study of the module by simulating company business requirements in an actual implementation scenario. As a result, the consultant learns best practices for an implementation based on SuccessFactors knowledge base and gains an understanding of the impacts of employing various configuration methods and strategies. Ultimately, the consultant must take and pass the official certification exam to become a certified Employee Central consultant.

After achieving Employee Central certification, the certified consultant must continue to update their certification every three months by taking the Quarterly Release Delta Exams. These are designed to ensure that the consultants are learning all of the new functionality and configuration options included in quarterly releases provided by SAP. If the consultant doesn’t complete the Delta Exam in the current quarter, his/her Employee Central certification is automatically revoked, so there is strong incentive to keep up.

During an implementation, technical issues may surface or a situation may present itself where no clear configuration strategy seems to exist. The consultant can then open a ticket with SuccessFactors to get assistance directly from product experts. This type of SuccessFactors support is provided only to certified consultants, so it is important to make sure that your consultant is certified and up to date to receive this assistance for your entire project team.

Having a smooth and efficient Employee Central implementation is of course important for the business. Your implementation team should include a partner with consultants that have been Employee Central certified. This is your assurance that they have received the proper education, attained practical project experience, and know how to utilize best practices that will lead to a successful Employee Central implementation.